About Us

So you’ve been surfing on our website a bit and you want to get to know us better. On this page we’ll talk about what we are here at Amaze Us. Getting to know the restaurant that’s going to be serving you is important. We want you to feel comfortable coming through our doors, and that’s what this page is all about. Let’s begin.

Amaze Us started only recently here in Brampton as a family-owned business. We have a Caribbean-oriented approach to cooking food, as our family has had many different cooking backgrounds growing up. That means that we understand Caribbean cuisine just as well as any business around. We have the most direct approach to cooking Caribbean cuisine, as we’ve all grown up with it. This allows us to serve you dishes we’ve been cooking all our lives, not just recipes we recently discovered.

We really want to make the best Caribbean cuisine in the world, so right now we have developmental chefs working in the Caribbean to study the dishes of the area and really understand the concept of Caribbean food. This is essential if you want to get the real, perfected taste that comes from the Caribbean. We don’t want to fake it. We want the real taste.

One more thing we do to ensure that you’re getting the best taste possible is that we only buy high-quality, local meats. We don’t want to use the same meat as your average fast-food chain (no offense to them). We want to do better and really bring out the taste of our food. If we’re going to spend the time to prepare the Caribbean food, we want to make sure it will taste as good as possible, and won’t be hindered by the taste of the meat.

As our business is family-owned we have a very tight staff. We work together to ensure that you, the customer is happy. That is our number one goal, especially as a new business here in Brampton. We want to make sure that you are happy, and will do anything to ensure that it happens. If you have any questions or complaints, feel free to take it up with our staff, and we’ll deal with you with a smile on our faces.

Stop in today to experience a real, unique eating experience. You can even order delivery or take out if you don’t have time to stop in and eat. We’d love to see you coming through our door, and will do our best to make sure that your visit is a positive one. Stop by today at our Brampton location, we promise that you’ll be amazed.