6 Reasons Why a Locksmith Should Conduct a Home Security Audit

6 Reasons Why a Locksmith Should Conduct a Home Security Audit

Burglaries happen each and every year. Unfortunately, it’s extremely easy for some people to break into homes. By calling a locksmith, you can have them conduct a home security audit on your behalf. There are a number of reasons to do so, ensuring that your home becomes more secure.

#1: Learn About Locks
How old are the locks on your home? Do you have the same locks on your interior doors as you do on your exterior doors? Do you have the same type of lock on all exterior doors? When you have a locksmith come out to your home, they will be looking at the overall integrity of all of the locks. You may have a high-security lock on your front door but a very old and easy to pick lock on your back door.

Most burglars will choose an entry point other than the front door. This means that if you don’t have a good lock on every access point, you could be all but inviting them into your home.

#2: Find Out About Easy Break-In Points
In addition to having your locks explore, a locksmith will look at some of the other easy break-in points throughout your home. This can include a garage door, first story windows, and much more. Many people think locksmiths are only going to help with doors. This is not true. You can get their help with locks for everything around your home.

#3: Discuss Security Systems
If you don’t have a security system in your home, then a locksmith will talk to you about the various models available. This includes discussing the latest technology so that you can learn about CCTV cameras, motion detectors, and much more. If you do have a security system, it will be tested to see if it is as strong as it needs to be.

#4: Discuss Who Has Keys to Your Home
It’s important to consider who has keys to your home. If you didn’t purchase your home new and you never change the locks when you moved in, previous owners might have access to your home. You should plan on changing the keys to your home the moment you move in, even if you did purchase it new. Any time you give keys to someone and then you take them back, such as to a babysitter, a pet sitter, or even a close friend, you should have the keys remade. It will allow you to tighten the security as to who has access to your home.

#5: Learn About Advanced Security Options
Technology is rapidly increasing, and you might be surprised to learn about the different advanced security options that exist for your home. This includes keyless entry systems, wireless cameras that can be viewed through your smart phone, and much more. A locksmith will be able to talk to you about all of the ways for you to enhance security around your home with a few simple investments.

#6: Tighten the Security on Your Home
Not only can a locksmith conducted the home security audit, they can also tighten the security across your home. Once you learn about what needs to be done, you can choose to take action. Locksmiths will come in and install new locks, security systems, and much more.

You should always focus on home security. Locking your doors at night is not always enough. You should have locks that are difficult if not impossible to pick as well as a secondary measure of security on your home.

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