5 Reasons Why Adults Should Consider Orthodontics

5 Reasons Why Adults Should Consider Orthodontics

Although younger teens commonly get fitted for braces to correct crooked teeth, adults tend to shy away fromĀ Whitby orthodontics. However, there are several good reasons to consider orthodontic treatment as an adult of any age.

1. Orthodontic treatment improves oral health.

One of the main reasons dentists refer patients to an orthodontist is to address problems in the mouth related to teeth placement. Teeth that are tipped or missing, or that are spaced unevenly, can put pressure on other teeth and sometimes cause a buildup of bacteria under the gum line. Normal teeth sometimes buckle under the extra pressure, and some may loosen or fall out. Orthodontic treatment can move teeth into proper alignment to prevent or address issues like these.

2. Orthodontics enhance your appearance.

Getting orthodontic work done not only improves oral health and helps to retain natural teeth longer, but it also improves smiles and overall facial appearance for many patients. Teeth that retain healthy balance in the mouth result in an even smile and balanced facial features without sunken cheeks or a crooked smile. Many patients are thrilled with their new look following orthodontic treatment.

3. Orthodontic work increases confidence.

Feeling healthier and more attractive does wonders for self-image. Most patients claim the time spent wearing braces and wires was well worth the investment of time and money. Some hardware is almost invisible, so that patients are not self-conscious during treatment. Self-confidence is a valuable trait that often enhances attitudes and the willingness to speak up around other people.

4. Orthodontic enhancements are affordable.

Many insurance plans now cover all or part of a person’s orthodontic treatment, no matter the patient’s age. There are also specific dental plans for orthodontic work that can be purchased before treatment. A patient’s savings or credit card is often used, as well.

5. Orthodontic procedures are safe and temporary.

The vast majority of patients experience minimal discomfort and no serious issues resulting from orthodontic treatment. The orthodontist and his or her team will carefully monitor the procedures to ensure patients are comfortable and experiencing successful outcomes. In a matter of months for most people, oral dental issues can be transformed into a healthy new image that can last a lifetime.

No one should refrain from orthodontic treatment due to fear of the procedure or potential cost. At the very least, a consultation with an orthodontist can help to answer questions and decide whether treatment could be beneficial.

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