Amaze Us Caribbean Restaurant is one of the biggest up-and-coming restaurants in Brampton. We specialize in Caribbean cuisine, as you may have noticed by now. We have an extensive background in preparing Caribbean cuisine and have been doing so for years. Our business is family owned, with chefs that have grown up preparing all kinds of food for years. We know Caribbean cuisine incredibly well, and we’re sure you’ll be pleased with our food. We hire developmental chefs from the Caribbean as well, so you’re getting recipes that have been perfected for years.

Have lots of kids and usually strain from eating at restaurants? Fret no more, Amaze Us welcomes large families into our establishment. We are a family-owned business, and understand that bringing in a large family to eat at a restaurant can be tough. We are experienced in catering specifically to your family though. With tons of space to eat, and a friendly staff, you’ll never feel more comfortable at a restaurant than you will at our establishment.

What to Expect?

When you get Caribbean cuisine, expect something different than what you’d usually make at home or get at your local restaurant in Brampton. We focus more on the quality of the food and the ingredients involved, than the spice thrown in with the food. This means you’re getting the real deal, not fake food that’s flavored to taste like something it isn’t. When you come through our doors, you should expect great service. As mentioned before, if you’re bringing a family, it’s going to be no problem, but what about bringing a date or a friend to Amaze Us for some Caribbean cuisine? Our atmosphere is perfect for any setting. When you walk in, you’ll be greeted with an interior that you’d expect of a restaurant with fine dining. Our prices stay very low though, so you can eat fancy, unique Caribbean food in a nice atmosphere at a low cost. Want to bring a date somewhere they’ll remember forever, for a cheap price? Give us a shot.

So what is Caribbean Restaurant?

Many people have never tried this unique taste in their lives. Some are even afraid to try it because it’s something new. Caribbean cuisine can sound frightening, but we promise once you give it a taste, you’ll be coming back for more. Caribbean cuisine is a combination of many different types of cuisine. It isn’t just based in Jamaica, for example. The food of the Caribbean is very diverse,as many different people came over to the Caribbean in the past few hundred years. When they came over, they brought their own unique cooking styles with them. This means Caribbean cuisine isn’t brought from just one area, it’s many different cultures coming together. The main influences of Caribbean cuisine are African, European, East Indian, Arab, Chinese, and Amerindian. This makes Caribbean cuisine more diverse than just about any other food choice out there.

Our ultimate goal is to make your experience with Caribbean cuisine a positive one. We want to see your faces returning to our restaurant time and time again. To achieve our goal, we work hard to always please you, the customer. We value your satisfaction higher than anything else. If you run into any problems with your food, our experienced and friendly staff will be more than happy to deal with it in a professional manner. Although we’re a fairly new establishment, we want to be around in Brampton for a long time.




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